Training the Trainors

Sharjah, UAE – Volunteers and Trainors from Kabayan Non-Profit Organization were the recipients of the generosity of Dr. Nadir Ali Kolachi in sharing his expertise as he conducted the   ‘’Organizational Values:  Tactics to Become Better Employees, Professional Trainer, and Good Team Worker” workshop on 26 May 2017 at Skyline University, Sharjah.  Dr. Nadir Ali Kolachi is the Chair of Research & Case Study Center and Associate Professor at Skyline University.

Never a dull moment with Dr. Nadir,  participants were all ears from the beginning of the workshop until the end. The personality test activity received an overwhelming response from participants who enthusiastically validated their personality based on the five basic personality types as represented by geometric shapes.

Dr. Nadir’s nuggets of wisdom summed up in three things to live by: 1. Put your heart in anything you do. Working hard for something you do not enjoy is stress.  2. Help others.  Pass something you have don’t keep it with you, that’s the best thing you can do. 3. Always be a student keep learning.

Listening and learning from this generous professor is a welcome information overload. So, here’s  a short but valuable Q&A with Dr. Nadir.

Cathy:  In the workshop you talked about fear and how you lose the greatest opportunity if you have fear. What was once your fear that you overcame and paved the greatest opportunity for you?

Dr. Nadir:  Fear is a disease that confuses and keep you away from availing opportunities. One should never ever be in fear.  Fear can make you lose the many opportunities.  I had no fear my whole life but sometimes during formal meetings, I fear having different opinion with people. I learned to overcome that fear and it gave me good opportunities.

Cathy:  On the one hand you encouraged your participants to let go of stress that life goes on and move on. On the other hand you said it is healthy to  have an enemy which brings stress to a person.  Can you explain this conflicting statement.

Dr. Nadir:  As explained in the workshop, stress can make you psyche. Yes, we all should control stress and find ways to organize and enjoy life. There is no stress but few un-organized activities can create little stress.  When people become your enemies in the organization, it means you have become something in life that people are jealous of you.  If people are not encouraging you or had become an enemy, don’t worry about them, go ahead and climb the ladder of success.

Cathy:  What is your contribution to your field of expertise?

Dr. Nadir:  I have conducted many free workshops and have written case studies in the field of Management that can help Managers, Faculty and students around the world.

Cathy:  What do you think is the greatest advantage of the millennial generation?

Dr. Nadir: Communication and access to online resources.

The afternoon ended with a bunch of happy hormones going out of the workshop room with  re-ignited SPARK to walk this life with passion again.

Special thanks to Skyline University for opening this door of learning opportunity for Kabayan Non-Profit Organization trainors and volunteers, to Skyline University’s Assistant Professor, Dr. Sharon Mendoza Dreisbach, Dr. Amitabh Upadhya, Dean, Dr. Mohammad Abdul Salam, Chair, Services Committee, Dr. Mahesh Agnihotri, Associate Professor,  for their generosity in hosting this workshop for Filipinos.  We couldn’t thank you enough.  Salamat!


Dr. Nadir Ali Kolachi, Dr. Sharon Mendoza Dreisbach, Monette Sandique of KNPO


Thumbs up to a day of learning and fun.


Cathy Hizo is a Dubai-based event blogger, photography enthusiast, and travel junkie.  She believes the challenge of photography lies in seeing beauty beyond the ordinary and unexpected.

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